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dinsdag 16 november 2010

All that's left is laughter

'Nonduality' simply means "not two".
It is a word which points to the non-existence of separation.

In reality, there are no separate 'objects' or 'individuals'.
No 'inside' separate from 'outside'.
No 'me' separate from 'you'.
No 'seeker' separate from what is sought.

There is only Life, appearing as everything.
Only Oneness, playing the game of being a world.
Only nothing, dancing as everything.

There is no 'person' in control of life.
Nobody there pulling the strings.
No 'individual' separate from the whole.
No wave separate from the ocean.

There is nothing to find, because nothing has ever been lost.
Right here and right now, THIS is already the wholeness you seek.
And beyond thought, beyond time, you have always known this.

Life Without A Centre is life - as it is -
seen with brand new eyes.
Jeff is not affiliated with any spiritual path, teacher, tradition or lineage. He believes that the truth - that which is present and alive - is absolutely free and cannot be captured by any religion, ideology, philosophy, belief system... or person. However, perhaps it can be shared, in friendship and openness, with those who are open to going beyond what they know...

What is Satsang?

As we go nearer to finding our true nature, as we unravel the veils of consciousness, there is a deeper revealing a deeper sense of self. A calling to come back home. If you listen you can hear …

Have you ever stopped in the noise that surrounds us for one moment? One moment – just to see the leaves swaying in the wind, to see the waves of the ocean rolling on the shore? Have you ever had a glimpse of a deep state of love, joy and peace? When you stopped ‘doing’ and abided in ‘being’, completely surrendering into this moment?
Satsang, literally ‘Meeting in Truth’ offers a space for you to experience your true nature of pure undivided consciousness – and any clouds of the conditioned mind that might cast some shade here and there. By letting each cloud be in the bright light of consciousness, it gently dissolves. The intention to awaken to the truth of who we really are is clear, but there is no trying to get anywhere or to have a certain experience, just simply to be together with whatever there is, here and now. That is what Satsang is all about.
Source: Satsang

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