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maandag 15 juni 2020

The roll-out of the technocratic agenda is going on right now

The events we see in the world today are staged. First the infamous virus was released earlier this year.
SO what do I mean by staged? These are rolled out events by a globalist agenda. The works of World Economic Forum in Davos, Council on Foreign Relations and many more institutions and think tanks.
Some say these events (including the Russian Collusion and Impeachment circus late 2019) are there to throw out the current sitting US president, but there are always multiple motifs to events like this.

Now we have the Black Lives Matter (BLM) event that is a horrific attempt to divide and distract people from the real enemy and to get rid of the police forces. 
People are going at each other big time, may it be verbally or physically. The amount of murders that have been committed during the (insurrection) BLM event is growing every day. In the name of racism? No way! This has nothing to do with peaceful protesting and it has nothing to do with genuine human rights groups. It is a totally planned and infiltrated insurrection to cause anarchist havoc. There is no negotiating with terrorists!

If you are trying to understand the logic behind all the radical changes going on around the world, you better educate yourself about what plans are in the making to usher in a world wide (Marxist) technocracy or the 4th industrial revolution. 

Amazing Polly is amazing as always, explaining the mechanisms and institutional money flow from globalist organizations and summing up some great resources to get more information.

References in her video:

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Earlier this week, the video from Kevin Shipp was very educational about the BLM protests. Check out his video.