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donderdag 30 april 2020

Beware the Contact Tracers - Stasi and Nazi history repeating

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zondag 26 april 2020

Pasteur vs Bechamp - A different light on the current outbreak

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It is important to understand the causation of disease. The ancients thought it was “spirit possession” until Hippocrates (a Greek Physician c. 400BC) formalized a diagnostic and therapeutic system. He spoke of infectious diseases as “miasm” riding on the back of the North Wind in the winter months (what we call the ‘flu season – end of November to end of March).

Once the microscope was invented it was possible to see tiny organisms which were later to be called bacteria.

In the mid 19th century two very famous researchers investigated the possible cause of disease arising through the action of these bacteria within the body.

Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895) through his experiments promoted the mono-morphic “Germ Theory” where a certain bacteria, when entering the body, always produced the same disease.

A contemporary of his, Antoine Bechamp (1816 – 1908), through his experiments promoted the pleo-morphic “Terrain Theory” which stated that if the terrain or soil (the tissues) were dirty or congested it was the function of the bacteria to digest this material for excretion by the body.

So Pasteur was promoting the concept the germs were harmful to the body and Bechamp was promoting the concept that germs were beneficial for the body.

zaterdag 11 april 2020

Corona Virus and 5G – is there a connection?

March 21, 2020. 
Several people have asked me the question that is circulating among EMF experts, “Is there a connection between the outbreak of the Covid-19 and deployment of 5G networks around the world?”

I have been following the conversations regarding this and my opinion is as follows:

1. Immune System Impairment

The best scientific evidence we have is that exposure to electrosmog (non-ionizing radiation from power frequencies to microwaves) impairs the immune system. This is well documented in the scientific literature. If your immune system is compromised because of electrosmog or because of certain medications you are taking or because you are elderly or very young you are likely to have a more severe and/or prolonged response to CoVId-19. Dr. Joel Moskowitz has a blog on his website, Research on the Effects of Wireless Radiation Exposure on the Immune System, that I recommend you read. Here is the abstract from one publication by Dr. Stanislaw Szmigielski.

Szmigielski S. 2013. Reaction of the immune system to low-level RF/MW exposures. Science of the Total Environment.454-455:393-400.

Radiofrequency (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation have been used in the modern world for many years. The rapidly increasing use of cellular phones in recent years has seen increased interest in relation to the possible health effects of exposure to RF/MW radiation. In 2011 a group of international experts organized by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon) concluded that RF/MW radiations should be listed as a possible carcinogen (group 2B) for humans. The incomplete knowledge of RF/MW-related cancer risks has initiated searches for biological indicators sensitive enough to measure the “weak biological influence” of RF/MWs. One of the main candidates is the immune system, which is able to react in a measurable way to discrete environmental stimuli.

In this review, the impacts of weak RF/MW fields, including cell phone radiation, on various immune functions, both in vitro [cell culture studies] and in vivo [live animal studies], are discussed. The bulk of available evidence clearly indicates that various shifts in the number and/or activity of immunocompetent cells [cells that can develop an immune response] are possible, however the results are inconsistent. For example, a number of lymphocyte [small white blood cells especially found in the lymphatic system] functions have been found to be enhanced and weakened within single experiments based on exposure to similar intensities of MW radiation.

Certain premises exist which indicate that, in general, short-term exposure to weak MW radiation may temporarily stimulate certain humoral* or cellular immune functions, while prolonged irradiation inhibits the same functions.

Here is an excellent video on your immune system under a microscope.

2. Heart Rate Variability

We have evidence that some people have an autonomic nervous system response to microwave radiation. They have either an irregular heart rate or a rapid heart rate when they are exposed to microwaves. We have published on this and also provide a youtube video on the research conducted. This has been known for decades and those working with microwave radiation were recommend to have their heart tested for any abnormalities to ensure their safety. If the heart becomes irregular it has difficulty pumping enough blood to all body parts and since the blood is what brings oxygen to cells this could lead to anoxia (insufficient oxygen) and make breathing more difficult.

woensdag 8 april 2020

A possible cure for everything

On the wide net of information I saw an interview with Andreas Kalcker.


 I first heard of MMS during the interviews with Jim Humble back in the period 2013-2017. Of course, research has evolved since and on the other hand it is not anything that Jim Humble invented. It is just the effect of the substance that was discovered by accident.

The principle is simple, a higher oxygen level in the bloodstream will result in the destruction of pathogens and viruses because of the acidity or alkaline level in the body. I talked about this principle before. This is just another way to deal with cause of disease.

Current healthcare is based on disease treatment with synthetic medicine. Nature's qualities of herb and plants are synthesized in a lab and patents are made to make money. It is a business model.
It is good for business if people suffer, that is the idea. Billions are spend in this industry to find 'cures' for 'terminal' diseases, while there is no such thing as a terminal disease. Everything is curable. Your body is doing the healing and certain (chemical) substances can be of help to this healing. So you can imagine that Andreas' work is under attack by Big Farma.

I hope this message gets out to the people who need it the most in this strange time we live in, where a lot of people are terrified of disease. Please share this message and also the video below where Andreas is explaining how to create CDS.

What is the working mechanism?

The therapeutic action of chlorine dioxide is given by their selectivity for pH. It means that this molecule dissociates and releases oxygen when in contact with another acid. Reacting becomes sodium chloride (salt) and simultaneously releases oxygen, which in turn oxidized (combusted) pathogens (germs) of acid pH present, making oxides ( “ash”) alkaline.

Therefore, chlorine dioxide releases oxygen to dissociate in blood, erythrocytes like (RBCs) through the same principle (known as the Bohr effect) which is to be selective for acidity. Like blood, chlorine dioxide releases oxygen when it is acidly either lactic acid or pathogen acidity. 

Its therapeutic effect is due among others to help in the recovery of many types of diseases by creating an alkaline environment, while eliminating pathogens acids small, in my opinion, through oxidation, with an impossible electromagnetic overload to dissipate by unicellular organisms. 

The multicellular tissue has the ability to dissipate this charge and is not affected in the same way. Biochemical turn defines cytoprotection through sulfhydryl groups.

How to make CDS from Andreas Kalcker.

donderdag 2 april 2020

Everything is energy, frequency and vibration

By the title of this article you can maybe guess what this is all about. The whole world is in mass panic about something that is not quite what people think it is and certainly not how the media portrays it.

This is about how disease in general is looked upon and what it actually is. The establishment of institutions (in this case healthcare and Big Pharma) are making you believe that all danger of disease comes from outside of you and you should get a 'treatment' for your illness. They never say that they will cure you because the medicines they sell you cannot cure you.

Only your own body can cure you. It is an internal process. In fact, when you are in a state of disease, your body will react with a feeling of dis-ease or you will get a fever to heal your systems or organs that are affected. So fever is a healing mechanism.

Nikola Tesla is quoted by many with the following.

This is the basis for how everything works, so wouldn't this apply to disease?

Royal Raymond Rife was an inventor and scientist who invented the Universal Microscope, which he presented to the world in 1933. Besides being the most powerful optical microscope ever made up to that time, it was also the most versatile. The Universal used all types of illumination: polarized, monochromatic or white light, dark field, slit ultra and infra-red.

He also used electro-magnetic frequency to find the resonance of micro-organisms. In other words, he would cure diseases with EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) by killing the organisms which were causing the illness, or should I say that he would reset your body in its healthy state? The technique applied works based on the fact that every 'pathogen' has a resonant frequency or frequency range where you would neutralize it (or destroy by explosion).

You can see an example of Rife's technology in the video below, where Har Hari Khalsa is explaining who a Biocharger (Tesla coil) works.

In the following YouTube video, Tim Sandars, founder of the Omnia Radiation Balancer, presents to a small audience in Ibiza the knowledge of Dr Ilija Lakicevic, which explains the following: