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zondag 27 december 2020

The greatest history ever is being made today

Update 25-1-2021: Here's an interview with someone, telling a similar story: (copy and paste into your browser)

Update: Video taken down from YouTube, follow this link to see a mirrored video: (copy and paste into your browser)

It is a Perfect, Uplifting Christmas Gift for Mankind as it takes Charlie Freak's Story of the Takedown of the Cabal, in Great Detail, and ties it in to all aspects of Donald J. Trump's Presidency...explaining WHY he has done WHAT he has done... And as usual, BonFire Guy's Production Value is get ready this Christ-Mass EVE to Celebrate the Takedown of the Cabal with perhaps the Best Film made about it to date! And remember, by casting our Nets to the Right, God Wins, We Win, and All of CREATION Wins...

So, SHARE this version of my Video Far and Wide in the hopes that Millions more will finally awaken to this extremely important Truth that the Cabal have been taken down, and that what we are watching is a well-orchestrated MOVIE, in real time, so that the many can wake up to the hell that they have been living within, and finally come to know the Truth. 

So, sit back, relax, and let God's Holistic Truth wash over both your Body and Mind, and let it cleanse away all the dirt and grime from your Soul...enter into the realm of the ONE where ONLY the Holistic Truth exists...God Bless ALL Life, in the hopes that it may indeed journey to discover the Father and the Mother and create the Holiest of Holies, the Holy Trinity of the Father, Mother and Child!!! 

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Source: YouTube

maandag 21 december 2020

The land of the Free will be the Key

Some intelligence allegedly coming from insiders, which leaked from the Trump team.

This video begins with a short update on Project Camelot and then Kerry interviews Simon Parkes about the leaked intel regarding the Trump team plan to expose voter fraud and Trump’s case to win the White House. See below for the document containing the key points from the plan.


Attorney General Barr’s last day on the job is Wednesday, the 23rd of December. The next day, Thursday, is also known as Thor’s Day. Drop the hammer on Christmas Eve. Remember Milania Trump’s tweet of a Christmas card with Santa holding a hammer with a Q at the bottom of the card. The same picture was dropped by Q (2598) back in December of 2018.

Christmas Day, Friday the 25th, look to see President Trump delivering a Christmas speech beginning with the words, “My fellow Americans…The storm is upon us.”

DNI (Director National Intelligence) report was set to be released on 12/18/20, but was strategically delayed to be released and de-classified immediately before or during the new 2021 Congress of Delegation: January 3rd – January 6th.

New Congress sworn in 1/3/2021. Congress of Delegation votes on January 6th. Election formally contested as legally required by 1 Senator and by 1 Member of the House.

The DNI report will be de-classified before the Congress of Delegation meets, and it will show conclusively that China, Iran, Venezuela and others used Dominion to steal the Election.

At that point, certifying the Election for Biden would be treason. They go into deliberation and conference for c. 2-hrs. They emerge from deliberation and conference to certify President Donald J. Trump as the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.

At this point, the deep state new world order cabal initiate their violent coup uprising with BLM, Antifa as well as their Chinese and other foreign assets on both coasts of the US and in Canada and in Mexico. Our military is already ready and waiting for all of them.

Immediately, President Trump declares Martial Law through the Insurrection Act via his Executive Order 13848 of 9/12/2018 (“Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election”).

The internet, TV and radio all go down (this was kind of disputed during the interview by Simon). Black-out for 10 days. The riots are squashed and massive arrests follow, including governors, attorneys general, mayors, representatives and media moles, CIA, FBI, DOJ, HLS and many other traitors. Thousands of sealed indictments are un-sealed. Military-style tribunals commence.

The global corporate American democracy comes to an end. And The United States of America returns to being a Constitutional Republic. God bless the USA


…”Right now Trump is sitting on a stack of Trump cards or maybe Uno Wild Draw 4 (more years) that he just waiting to lay down like a fricking royal flush.

-He has court cases still pending that will go to the Supreme Court & thanks to TX case he now know how to file it under article 3 not 2 that will force them to hear it.

-He has the DNI report on Friday.

-Barr steps down 23rd (can now be a witness—he did his job).

-Durham is a special counsel (can prosecute in any state).

-He’s letting civil, criminal, federal courts fail to handle the situation properly so he can use military tribunals.

-He has the data (all of it) from NSA, the Kraken supercomputer, the Alice supercomputer, (probably a couple others we haven’t heard about yet, too).

-He has the dueling electors from 7 states legislatures. He has VP Pence as final arbiter of which ballots to accept.

-He has the insurrection act. The NDAA, the national emergency, the 14th amendment, the 2018 executive order, the 2017 very first EO, the Patriot Act, the FISA warrants, the Declassification of everything, people swear affidavits by the 1000, the QR code scan guy who just needs access to some real ballots & he can detect if they are fake by looking for creases & printing items using his scanner technology, he has all the statistical data being analyzed, the videos, emails, phone calls, bank transfer statements showing the coordination of the coup, he has RICO, he has the crimes against humanity videos, Wikileaks just dropped a ton & Assange will be pardoned so he can talk about Seth Rich.
-Now that the governors and secretary of states certified & Biden accepted, they committed and knowingly agreed to treason.

-Solar Winds just raided & Dominion closing up shop. Same with politicians & media.

-He has the C_A servers used to change dominion machines, he will soon have access to the machines too. He baited them to staying in DC so they can be inaugurated, oops arrested.

-Biden hasn’t accepted any transition money nor has Kamala given up her seat.

-The military has infiltrated Antifa & BLM & he has the financials.

-He knows which politicians took Chinese & Soros money.

-He put in Miller & Watnick. He also just reduced dumb regulations.

-And wrote an EO in the military line of succession.

-He is defunding the C_A.

-He just replaced Kissinger & Allbright on the National Security Advisory Board with his loyalists.
T-he military has been flying more planes over America. The navy just parked huge fleets on both coasts. The 82nd is preparing for an operation (same group of Flynn & Donoghue).
Things are falling into place. He has it all. He is just laying out the case, building the narrative. He knows he won & they cheated. He gave them the chance to fix things. They chose not to. Now they all go down.”

– From a Trump FB Group

zondag 13 december 2020

A calm and intelligent perspective on the last SCOTUS dismissal

Listen to Scott Kesterson. He is laying out a good analysis about the current events going on regarding the (information) battle between good and evil. The Plan is still on track.

Source: YouTube

zondag 13 september 2020

Censorship is an act of desperation

This week, I came across a video from Amazing Polly. As you probably know, when you read this blog more often, Amazing Polly portrays meticulous research in her videos. The same goes for the following video, where she is gathering the evidence of a combined effort (from the Deep State) to censor a lot of internet (among social media) channels regarding the narrative about the upcoming elections in the U.S.A. Just watch and learn what is going to happen in the coming months and how this is a setup against the sitting president. Who knows what else is being censored this way...

maandag 15 juni 2020

The roll-out of the technocratic agenda is going on right now

The events we see in the world today are staged. First the infamous virus was released earlier this year.
SO what do I mean by staged? These are rolled out events by a globalist agenda. The works of World Economic Forum in Davos, Council on Foreign Relations and many more institutions and think tanks.
Some say these events (including the Russian Collusion and Impeachment circus late 2019) are there to throw out the current sitting US president, but there are always multiple motifs to events like this.

Now we have the Black Lives Matter (BLM) event that is a horrific attempt to divide and distract people from the real enemy and to get rid of the police forces. 
People are going at each other big time, may it be verbally or physically. The amount of murders that have been committed during the (insurrection) BLM event is growing every day. In the name of racism? No way! This has nothing to do with peaceful protesting and it has nothing to do with genuine human rights groups. It is a totally planned and infiltrated insurrection to cause anarchist havoc. There is no negotiating with terrorists!

If you are trying to understand the logic behind all the radical changes going on around the world, you better educate yourself about what plans are in the making to usher in a world wide (Marxist) technocracy or the 4th industrial revolution. 

Amazing Polly is amazing as always, explaining the mechanisms and institutional money flow from globalist organizations and summing up some great resources to get more information.

References in her video:

VIDEO: Cartoon Bill: 
VIDEO: Patrick Wood, Technocracy coup taking place: VIDEO: RFK Jr & others speaking in Colorado re mandatory vaccines: 
VIDEO: Solari Report – These are not vaccines (with John Rappoport): 
VIDEO: Solari Report James Corbett: 
VIDEO: 4th Industrial REvolution / World Economic Forum: 
Report on Human Trafficking, 2018, FATF:

Earlier this week, the video from Kevin Shipp was very educational about the BLM protests. Check out his video.

vrijdag 29 mei 2020

De achtergronden en drijfveren achter de huidige 'medische' crisis

Ik kwam deze video van Cafe Weltschmertz tegen en dit gesprek is een hele goede samenvatting van de geo- politische, sociaal-economische en totalitaire ommezwaai de we nu op het wereld toneel kunnen zien. Kunnen zien? Ja, ieder weldenkend en zelfdenkend , kritisch persoon kan dit zelf zien. Karel van Wolferen en Kees van der Pijl, twee oudgedienden in de onderzoeksjournalistiek, bespreken hun bevindingen over de huidige crisis. Een vrijheidscrisis om wel te verstaan.

Deze video is dan ook bedoeld voor de mensen die zekere twijfels hebben over het Nederlandse (technocratische) beleid dat op langere termijn de democratische rechtsstaat zal ondermijnen al dan niet laten verdwijnen. 
Het is nu zeker de tijd om jezelf te informeren hoe de vork in de steel zit. Ik moedig iedereen aan om zelf onderzoek te doen naar de beweringen in deze video. Neem niets klakkeloos aan. Dan kan de Nederlandse burger zich niet langer permiteren! De vrijheid van iedere burger staat nu op het spel. Onder de video staan links naar informatie waar in de video naar verwezen wordt. (Al dan niet inmiddels weer verwijderd door social media)

Met betrekking tot het effective medicijn: 

over systematische pseudo wetenschap achter het verbod: ____________________________________________________ 
Over Bill Gates lange termijn plannen: _________________________________________________ 
(uitgebreide verzameling links) 
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation directe grants in Nederland: 
(indirecte betalingen via aan de Gates Floundation gelieerde entiteiten niet meegerekend) _______________________________________________ 

Bron: Cafe WeltSchmertz Youtube

zondag 3 mei 2020

The general public needs to know everything about corruption

I came across this interview with Dave Hayes from where he explains the information war we are in right now where main stream media and governments work hand in hand to control the common narrative and spread propaganda to the general public.

A very interesting interview where Dave also urges everyone to question the authoritative narrative and recognize the corruption and fake news coming from these corrupt institutions.

Source: X22Report @BitChute

zaterdag 2 mei 2020

ITNJ expert testimonies of Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Judy Mokovits

The following video contains the expert testimonies of Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Judy Mokovits. These testimonies about the current virus outbreak were held before the judicial commision of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ).

Source: BitChute

zondag 26 april 2020

Pasteur vs Bechamp - A different light on the current outbreak

Picture from
It is important to understand the causation of disease. The ancients thought it was “spirit possession” until Hippocrates (a Greek Physician c. 400BC) formalized a diagnostic and therapeutic system. He spoke of infectious diseases as “miasm” riding on the back of the North Wind in the winter months (what we call the ‘flu season – end of November to end of March).

Once the microscope was invented it was possible to see tiny organisms which were later to be called bacteria.

In the mid 19th century two very famous researchers investigated the possible cause of disease arising through the action of these bacteria within the body.

Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895) through his experiments promoted the mono-morphic “Germ Theory” where a certain bacteria, when entering the body, always produced the same disease.

A contemporary of his, Antoine Bechamp (1816 – 1908), through his experiments promoted the pleo-morphic “Terrain Theory” which stated that if the terrain or soil (the tissues) were dirty or congested it was the function of the bacteria to digest this material for excretion by the body.

So Pasteur was promoting the concept the germs were harmful to the body and Bechamp was promoting the concept that germs were beneficial for the body.

zaterdag 11 april 2020

Corona Virus and 5G – is there a connection?

March 21, 2020. 
Several people have asked me the question that is circulating among EMF experts, “Is there a connection between the outbreak of the Covid-19 and deployment of 5G networks around the world?”

I have been following the conversations regarding this and my opinion is as follows:

1. Immune System Impairment

The best scientific evidence we have is that exposure to electrosmog (non-ionizing radiation from power frequencies to microwaves) impairs the immune system. This is well documented in the scientific literature. If your immune system is compromised because of electrosmog or because of certain medications you are taking or because you are elderly or very young you are likely to have a more severe and/or prolonged response to CoVId-19. Dr. Joel Moskowitz has a blog on his website, Research on the Effects of Wireless Radiation Exposure on the Immune System, that I recommend you read. Here is the abstract from one publication by Dr. Stanislaw Szmigielski.

Szmigielski S. 2013. Reaction of the immune system to low-level RF/MW exposures. Science of the Total Environment.454-455:393-400.

Radiofrequency (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation have been used in the modern world for many years. The rapidly increasing use of cellular phones in recent years has seen increased interest in relation to the possible health effects of exposure to RF/MW radiation. In 2011 a group of international experts organized by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon) concluded that RF/MW radiations should be listed as a possible carcinogen (group 2B) for humans. The incomplete knowledge of RF/MW-related cancer risks has initiated searches for biological indicators sensitive enough to measure the “weak biological influence” of RF/MWs. One of the main candidates is the immune system, which is able to react in a measurable way to discrete environmental stimuli.

In this review, the impacts of weak RF/MW fields, including cell phone radiation, on various immune functions, both in vitro [cell culture studies] and in vivo [live animal studies], are discussed. The bulk of available evidence clearly indicates that various shifts in the number and/or activity of immunocompetent cells [cells that can develop an immune response] are possible, however the results are inconsistent. For example, a number of lymphocyte [small white blood cells especially found in the lymphatic system] functions have been found to be enhanced and weakened within single experiments based on exposure to similar intensities of MW radiation.

Certain premises exist which indicate that, in general, short-term exposure to weak MW radiation may temporarily stimulate certain humoral* or cellular immune functions, while prolonged irradiation inhibits the same functions.

Here is an excellent video on your immune system under a microscope.

2. Heart Rate Variability

We have evidence that some people have an autonomic nervous system response to microwave radiation. They have either an irregular heart rate or a rapid heart rate when they are exposed to microwaves. We have published on this and also provide a youtube video on the research conducted. This has been known for decades and those working with microwave radiation were recommend to have their heart tested for any abnormalities to ensure their safety. If the heart becomes irregular it has difficulty pumping enough blood to all body parts and since the blood is what brings oxygen to cells this could lead to anoxia (insufficient oxygen) and make breathing more difficult.

woensdag 8 april 2020

A possible cure for everything

On the wide net of information I saw an interview with Andreas Kalcker.


 I first heard of MMS during the interviews with Jim Humble back in the period 2013-2017. Of course, research has evolved since and on the other hand it is not anything that Jim Humble invented. It is just the effect of the substance that was discovered by accident.

The principle is simple, a higher oxygen level in the bloodstream will result in the destruction of pathogens and viruses because of the acidity or alkaline level in the body. I talked about this principle before. This is just another way to deal with cause of disease.

Current healthcare is based on disease treatment with synthetic medicine. Nature's qualities of herb and plants are synthesized in a lab and patents are made to make money. It is a business model.
It is good for business if people suffer, that is the idea. Billions are spend in this industry to find 'cures' for 'terminal' diseases, while there is no such thing as a terminal disease. Everything is curable. Your body is doing the healing and certain (chemical) substances can be of help to this healing. So you can imagine that Andreas' work is under attack by Big Farma.

I hope this message gets out to the people who need it the most in this strange time we live in, where a lot of people are terrified of disease. Please share this message and also the video below where Andreas is explaining how to create CDS.

What is the working mechanism?

The therapeutic action of chlorine dioxide is given by their selectivity for pH. It means that this molecule dissociates and releases oxygen when in contact with another acid. Reacting becomes sodium chloride (salt) and simultaneously releases oxygen, which in turn oxidized (combusted) pathogens (germs) of acid pH present, making oxides ( “ash”) alkaline.

Therefore, chlorine dioxide releases oxygen to dissociate in blood, erythrocytes like (RBCs) through the same principle (known as the Bohr effect) which is to be selective for acidity. Like blood, chlorine dioxide releases oxygen when it is acidly either lactic acid or pathogen acidity. 

Its therapeutic effect is due among others to help in the recovery of many types of diseases by creating an alkaline environment, while eliminating pathogens acids small, in my opinion, through oxidation, with an impossible electromagnetic overload to dissipate by unicellular organisms. 

The multicellular tissue has the ability to dissipate this charge and is not affected in the same way. Biochemical turn defines cytoprotection through sulfhydryl groups.

How to make CDS from Andreas Kalcker.

donderdag 2 april 2020

Everything is energy, frequency and vibration

By the title of this article you can maybe guess what this is all about. The whole world is in mass panic about something that is not quite what people think it is and certainly not how the media portrays it.

This is about how disease in general is looked upon and what it actually is. The establishment of institutions (in this case healthcare and Big Pharma) are making you believe that all danger of disease comes from outside of you and you should get a 'treatment' for your illness. They never say that they will cure you because the medicines they sell you cannot cure you.

Only your own body can cure you. It is an internal process. In fact, when you are in a state of disease, your body will react with a feeling of dis-ease or you will get a fever to heal your systems or organs that are affected. So fever is a healing mechanism.

Nikola Tesla is quoted by many with the following.

This is the basis for how everything works, so wouldn't this apply to disease?

Royal Raymond Rife was an inventor and scientist who invented the Universal Microscope, which he presented to the world in 1933. Besides being the most powerful optical microscope ever made up to that time, it was also the most versatile. The Universal used all types of illumination: polarized, monochromatic or white light, dark field, slit ultra and infra-red.

He also used electro-magnetic frequency to find the resonance of micro-organisms. In other words, he would cure diseases with EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) by killing the organisms which were causing the illness, or should I say that he would reset your body in its healthy state? The technique applied works based on the fact that every 'pathogen' has a resonant frequency or frequency range where you would neutralize it (or destroy by explosion).

You can see an example of Rife's technology in the video below, where Har Hari Khalsa is explaining who a Biocharger (Tesla coil) works.

In the following YouTube video, Tim Sandars, founder of the Omnia Radiation Balancer, presents to a small audience in Ibiza the knowledge of Dr Ilija Lakicevic, which explains the following:

zaterdag 21 maart 2020

Dr. Andrew Kaufman talks vaccines vs reality

29-4-2020. London Reel does 2 hour interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman and James True dig in on the mantra of vaccines as safe and effective. They discuss the foundation underneath vaccine theory and explore how it's been manipulated over the decades into a protected monopoly of government-sanctioned propaganda.

Source: YouTube
Also see:

dinsdag 17 maart 2020

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020”

(article written on 12-3-2020)

What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.

It seems, the more there is written about the causes of the Coronavirus – the more the written analyses are overshadowed by a propaganda and fear-mongering hype. Questions for the truth and arguments for where to look for the origins and how the virus may have spread and how to combat it, are lost in the noise of wanton chaos. But isn’t that what the “Black Men” behind this intended pandemic want – chaos, panic, hopelessness, leading to human vulnerability – a people becoming easy prey for manipulation?

Today WHO declared the coronavirus COVID-19 a “pandemic” – when there is not the slightest trace of a pandemic. A pandemic might be the condition, when the death to infection rate reaches more than 12%. In Europe, the death rate is about 0.4%, or less. Except for Italy which is a special case, where the peak of the death rate was 6% (see below for further analysis).

China, where the death rate peaked only a few weeks ago at about 3%, is back to 0.7% – and rapidly declining, while China is taking full control of the disease – and that with the help of a not-spoken-about medication developed 39 years ago by Cuba, called “Interferon Alpha 2B (IFNrec)”, very effective for fighting viruses and other diseases, but is not known and used in the world, because the US under the illegal embargo of Cuba does not allow the medication to be marketed internationally.

WHO has most likely received orders from “above”, from those people who also manage Trump and the “leaders” (sic) of the European Union and her member countries, those who aim to control the world with force – the One World Order.

This has been on the drawing board for years. The final decision to go ahead NOW, was taken in January 2020 at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos – behind very much closed doors, of course. The Gates, GAVI (an association of vaccination-promoting pharmaceuticals), Rockefellers, Rothschilds et al, they are all behind this decision – the implementation of Agenda ID2020 – see below.

zondag 15 maart 2020

What is up with hysteria?

There is no news outlet that is talking about something other than a certain virus. So, what is up with that? Well, there are some critical thinkers and reporters out there that lay it out for you. I have searched the web and below you can find the most compelling explanations and warnings I could find. 

I am NOT saying that any of it is absolute truth. I am saying that you should question the official story from all your authority news outlets, main stream and even alternative media.

And do investigate for your self what is going on and connect the dots. Who will benefit from all these measures that have been taken? (Below videos can change over time with new developments and announcements changing weekly and even daily)