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donderdag 2 april 2020

Everything is energy, frequency and vibration

By the title of this article you can maybe guess what this is all about. The whole world is in mass panic about something that is not quite what people think it is and certainly not how the media portrays it.

This is about how disease in general is looked upon and what it actually is. The establishment of institutions (in this case healthcare and Big Pharma) are making you believe that all danger of disease comes from outside of you and you should get a 'treatment' for your illness. They never say that they will cure you because the medicines they sell you cannot cure you.

Only your own body can cure you. It is an internal process. In fact, when you are in a state of disease, your body will react with a feeling of dis-ease or you will get a fever to heal your systems or organs that are affected. So fever is a healing mechanism.

Nikola Tesla is quoted by many with the following.

This is the basis for how everything works, so wouldn't this apply to disease?

Royal Raymond Rife was an inventor and scientist who invented the Universal Microscope, which he presented to the world in 1933. Besides being the most powerful optical microscope ever made up to that time, it was also the most versatile. The Universal used all types of illumination: polarized, monochromatic or white light, dark field, slit ultra and infra-red.

He also used electro-magnetic frequency to find the resonance of micro-organisms. In other words, he would cure diseases with EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) by killing the organisms which were causing the illness, or should I say that he would reset your body in its healthy state? The technique applied works based on the fact that every 'pathogen' has a resonant frequency or frequency range where you would neutralize it (or destroy by explosion).

You can see an example of Rife's technology in the video below, where Har Hari Khalsa is explaining who a Biocharger (Tesla coil) works.

In the following YouTube video, Tim Sandars, founder of the Omnia Radiation Balancer, presents to a small audience in Ibiza the knowledge of Dr Ilija Lakicevic, which explains the following:

* The true concept of the atom

* The truth about why man made radiation harms us


There are countless examples where you can influence matter with certain frequencies. For better or for worse... You can use it to clean or purify water or you can use it to ruin its molecular structure. Several scientist have shown this repeatedly. The science behind this is called cymatics.

Frequencies can also be used to make people sick and uneasy.
Watch this revealing video of what viruses actually are, by Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D.

Here is another interesting video about what viruses are. This video was posted by Tom Barnett and in the video description is a striking sentence that I have to get in this article;
'The most dangerous virus in man is fear. Fear to infect minds and control populations. "

A few years back I encountered the work of Dr. Sebi. He also was working with the idea that you could cure every disease with a diet. His basic stance was about the PH value inside your body and the concept of electric food. That would be the concept of the alkalinity level of the daily food intake. This is also based on the same idea of frequency regulating the 'factory settings' of your body. Frequency, which would translate to a chemical condition inside your body.

All above topics and videos are food for thought (no pun intended) next time when you look at the media circus on your tv. Maybe it would be a very wise decision to turn your tv off and maybe go out into nature where you can find good vibrations all together.

Anyway, I wish you all the best in coming times and beware of fear. Fear and panic can cloud your discernment in a detrimental way!

Take care and please spread this article like a virus...

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