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woensdag 8 april 2020

A possible cure for everything

On the wide net of information I saw an interview with Andreas Kalcker.


 I first heard of MMS during the interviews with Jim Humble back in the period 2013-2017. Of course, research has evolved since and on the other hand it is not anything that Jim Humble invented. It is just the effect of the substance that was discovered by accident.

The principle is simple, a higher oxygen level in the bloodstream will result in the destruction of pathogens and viruses because of the acidity or alkaline level in the body. I talked about this principle before. This is just another way to deal with cause of disease.

Current healthcare is based on disease treatment with synthetic medicine. Nature's qualities of herb and plants are synthesized in a lab and patents are made to make money. It is a business model.
It is good for business if people suffer, that is the idea. Billions are spend in this industry to find 'cures' for 'terminal' diseases, while there is no such thing as a terminal disease. Everything is curable. Your body is doing the healing and certain (chemical) substances can be of help to this healing. So you can imagine that Andreas' work is under attack by Big Farma.

I hope this message gets out to the people who need it the most in this strange time we live in, where a lot of people are terrified of disease. Please share this message and also the video below where Andreas is explaining how to create CDS.

What is the working mechanism?

The therapeutic action of chlorine dioxide is given by their selectivity for pH. It means that this molecule dissociates and releases oxygen when in contact with another acid. Reacting becomes sodium chloride (salt) and simultaneously releases oxygen, which in turn oxidized (combusted) pathogens (germs) of acid pH present, making oxides ( “ash”) alkaline.

Therefore, chlorine dioxide releases oxygen to dissociate in blood, erythrocytes like (RBCs) through the same principle (known as the Bohr effect) which is to be selective for acidity. Like blood, chlorine dioxide releases oxygen when it is acidly either lactic acid or pathogen acidity. 

Its therapeutic effect is due among others to help in the recovery of many types of diseases by creating an alkaline environment, while eliminating pathogens acids small, in my opinion, through oxidation, with an impossible electromagnetic overload to dissipate by unicellular organisms. 

The multicellular tissue has the ability to dissipate this charge and is not affected in the same way. Biochemical turn defines cytoprotection through sulfhydryl groups.

How to make CDS from Andreas Kalcker.

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