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woensdag 14 maart 2012

March 21st 2012 , the Worldwide Hug will be organized in many cities all over the world!


Amsterdam, Den Haag, Berlin, Jerusalem, La Paz, Rome, Hiroshima, Cologne, Leiden, Melbourne, Maastricht, Utrecht, Lelystad, Nijmegen, Leipzig, Brazilia, Okinawa and also in every other village or town that might join this initiative.

We are all part of the collective consciousness, connecting everything with all. We are able to heal our planet and unite everybody with each other in peace and tolerance. So let us demonstrate our unity, showing our fellow-men that we are all One, no matter what kind of religion, race or culture we represent. We are able to love and respect each other.

Every individual person can participate in the Worldwide Hug. Just invite some friends in your home, club, gallery or community centre, on Wednesday, March 21 and focus together on peace and unity in yourself. You can share your personal stories, sing, dance and meditate. Make a human chain or do free hugs or a flash mob in the streets!

Let’s show the world that Peace is possible. By opening the heart and show compassion, by doing instead of talking, by holding hands and hug from the heart. Because when you do that love will flow like sweet nectar. That is its only true purpose. That is the true meaning of the Worldwide Hug.

Send your message for peace into the world. Use your webcam, share your stream and be connected to a worldwide network of people who join the Worldwide Hug! In this way the togetherness will be even stronger.

Come and join us and let us fill the Universe with Love that is so strong that it will bring joy and peace in the hearts of everyone.

We ask you to contact all your friends in the world in order to join a Worldwide Hug in their own city.

Please stream it on your own Livestream, Ustream, on your Occupy group or connect through or skypegroup worldwidehug

The moment of the Worldwide Hug will be at 17:00 West European time, in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne and Rome. Simultaneously this World-Wide-Hug will take place in Jerusalem (18:00 p.m.), La Paz (12:00) and Hiroshima (01:00 March 22nd).

Find out in what time zone your Worldwide Hug will take place and join us!

May Peace prevail on Earth
Rob Schrama

source: Worldwidehug

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