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vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Source: NesaraNews

This is a very short piece from a Dinar (Iraqi Dinar) conference call in which one of the participants shares part of a conversation he had with his banker. What I know about this guy (Blaino) who is speaking, is that he does not appear to be a part of any “galactic” or other group, and really has no connection at all with concepts like Ascension, Prosperity Programs, packages, or whatever. (of course, perhaps some day in the future I’ll be proven wrong!)

Honestly, when I heard this short clip, my mind was “blown open” into a new understanding about this (and even after listening to this, my “blown open” brain, still appears to be working!). And that an actual banker would utter the words, “Prosperity Package,” is pretty astounding.

Source: kauilapele

By now, chances are the Iraq Dinar has veen ReValued. It aappears that not everyone is announcing the Dinar RV details. Many people have no idea that currencies around the world are being RV'd.

Beginning March 13th HammerMan and others began to see new intelligence on a new SWIFT signature code. It appears that Wells Fargo Banks in at least 6 states have been notified that the Dinar RV is complete. It appears that 2 prices are shown in the SWIFT. The sell price & the purchase price for IQD's in the USA are at $12.86 and $14.38

Not all of the details have been nailed down yet. As quickly as more details come in, then further intel will be released.

Recently CNBC did an article on several countries that were about to Re-Set their currencies. Go ahead and look it up. For some time now the IMF ran out of lendable currency. There are worl wide ramifications as the Iraq Dinar is RV'd.

In the first place, if you are going to purchase IQD's don't spend money that you can't afford to lose. Make sure that you pay your bills and debts.

As many countries will be re-setting the value of their currency it appears that their value will be based upon the natural resources in each country. Currently it appears that in China you can get $29 per Dinar, in the USA it's $14.38, in Canada it's set at $7 per Dinar and in Mexico the rate looks to be at $2 per IQD.

Taxes may be calculated in to these IQD exchange rates, but we're not sure.

Will the debt in every country be nulified? We're not sure.

Since the Bank of America has become the collector for the Treasury it is
possible that after everyone in America has turned in their Dinar then they may
be destroyed in exchange for credtis for oil.

There are a few things which have impact on this Dinar RV. 1 – American troops did all the heavy lifting in the 2 Gulf Wars, our manpower and equip andmoney we used to go into Kuwait and then Iraq. 2 – China purchased our debt and made it possible to help bring some sort of freedom to Kuwait and Iraq. 3 – China has forgiven Iraq of their debt. 4 – China is making it possible, with monetary liquidity to make the Global Settlements happen. 5 – China has had their eyes on Iraq's oil and Sadam tried to block China's interest…

According to Blaino's Banking source, some banks across America have received careful files which spell out the regulations and distribution details for the Prosperity Packages.

Positive Expectancy is the best we can do until we have literally exchanged our Dinar for federal reserve notes or treasury dollars.

There is still more that we don't know than what we do know about this RV. Before us is a potential to recover currencies around the world. The details are very complicated. In America our treasury dollar will most likely be backed by
all the assets of our country.

This Global Re-Set is coming. The Dinar RV is imminent… Keep watching!

Be Free, Robert Hender, R J

Source: Morning Liberty

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