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zondag 13 september 2020

Censorship is an act of desperation

This week, I came across a video from Amazing Polly. As you probably know, when you read this blog more often, Amazing Polly portrays meticulous research in her videos. The same goes for the following video, where she is gathering the evidence of a combined effort (from the Deep State) to censor a lot of internet (among social media) channels regarding the narrative about the upcoming elections in the U.S.A. Just watch and learn what is going to happen in the coming months and how this is a setup against the sitting president. Who knows what else is being censored this way...

maandag 15 juni 2020

The roll-out of the technocratic agenda is going on right now

The events we see in the world today are staged. First the infamous virus was released earlier this year.
SO what do I mean by staged? These are rolled out events by a globalist agenda. The works of World Economic Forum in Davos, Council on Foreign Relations and many more institutions and think tanks.
Some say these events (including the Russian Collusion and Impeachment circus late 2019) are there to throw out the current sitting US president, but there are always multiple motifs to events like this.

Now we have the Black Lives Matter (BLM) event that is a horrific attempt to divide and distract people from the real enemy and to get rid of the police forces. 
People are going at each other big time, may it be verbally or physically. The amount of murders that have been committed during the (insurrection) BLM event is growing every day. In the name of racism? No way! This has nothing to do with peaceful protesting and it has nothing to do with genuine human rights groups. It is a totally planned and infiltrated insurrection to cause anarchist havoc. There is no negotiating with terrorists!

If you are trying to understand the logic behind all the radical changes going on around the world, you better educate yourself about what plans are in the making to usher in a world wide (Marxist) technocracy or the 4th industrial revolution. 

Amazing Polly is amazing as always, explaining the mechanisms and institutional money flow from globalist organizations and summing up some great resources to get more information.

References in her video:

VIDEO: Cartoon Bill: 
VIDEO: Patrick Wood, Technocracy coup taking place: VIDEO: RFK Jr & others speaking in Colorado re mandatory vaccines: 
VIDEO: Solari Report – These are not vaccines (with John Rappoport): 
VIDEO: Solari Report James Corbett: 
VIDEO: 4th Industrial REvolution / World Economic Forum: 
Report on Human Trafficking, 2018, FATF:

Earlier this week, the video from Kevin Shipp was very educational about the BLM protests. Check out his video.

vrijdag 29 mei 2020

De achtergronden en drijfveren achter de huidige 'medische' crisis

Ik kwam deze video van Cafe Weltschmertz tegen en dit gesprek is een hele goede samenvatting van de geo- politische, sociaal-economische en totalitaire ommezwaai de we nu op het wereld toneel kunnen zien. Kunnen zien? Ja, ieder weldenkend en zelfdenkend , kritisch persoon kan dit zelf zien. Karel van Wolferen en Kees van der Pijl, twee oudgedienden in de onderzoeksjournalistiek, bespreken hun bevindingen over de huidige crisis. Een vrijheidscrisis om wel te verstaan.

Deze video is dan ook bedoeld voor de mensen die zekere twijfels hebben over het Nederlandse (technocratische) beleid dat op langere termijn de democratische rechtsstaat zal ondermijnen al dan niet laten verdwijnen. 
Het is nu zeker de tijd om jezelf te informeren hoe de vork in de steel zit. Ik moedig iedereen aan om zelf onderzoek te doen naar de beweringen in deze video. Neem niets klakkeloos aan. Dan kan de Nederlandse burger zich niet langer permiteren! De vrijheid van iedere burger staat nu op het spel. Onder de video staan links naar informatie waar in de video naar verwezen wordt. (Al dan niet inmiddels weer verwijderd door social media)

Met betrekking tot het effective medicijn: 

over systematische pseudo wetenschap achter het verbod: ____________________________________________________ 
Over Bill Gates lange termijn plannen: _________________________________________________ 
(uitgebreide verzameling links) 
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation directe grants in Nederland: 
(indirecte betalingen via aan de Gates Floundation gelieerde entiteiten niet meegerekend) _______________________________________________ 

Bron: Cafe WeltSchmertz Youtube

zondag 3 mei 2020

The general public needs to know everything about corruption

I came across this interview with Dave Hayes from where he explains the information war we are in right now where main stream media and governments work hand in hand to control the common narrative and spread propaganda to the general public.

A very interesting interview where Dave also urges everyone to question the authoritative narrative and recognize the corruption and fake news coming from these corrupt institutions.

Source: X22Report @BitChute

zaterdag 2 mei 2020

ITNJ expert testimonies of Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Judy Mokovits

The following video contains the expert testimonies of Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Judy Mokovits. These testimonies about the current virus outbreak were held before the judicial commision of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ).

Source: BitChute

zondag 26 april 2020

Pasteur vs Bechamp - A different light on the current outbreak

Picture from
It is important to understand the causation of disease. The ancients thought it was “spirit possession” until Hippocrates (a Greek Physician c. 400BC) formalized a diagnostic and therapeutic system. He spoke of infectious diseases as “miasm” riding on the back of the North Wind in the winter months (what we call the ‘flu season – end of November to end of March).

Once the microscope was invented it was possible to see tiny organisms which were later to be called bacteria.

In the mid 19th century two very famous researchers investigated the possible cause of disease arising through the action of these bacteria within the body.

Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895) through his experiments promoted the mono-morphic “Germ Theory” where a certain bacteria, when entering the body, always produced the same disease.

A contemporary of his, Antoine Bechamp (1816 – 1908), through his experiments promoted the pleo-morphic “Terrain Theory” which stated that if the terrain or soil (the tissues) were dirty or congested it was the function of the bacteria to digest this material for excretion by the body.

So Pasteur was promoting the concept the germs were harmful to the body and Bechamp was promoting the concept that germs were beneficial for the body.